Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009 - Laughter Yoga

This little video is endearing – and not just because it features the always-amusing John Cleese as narrator. I’ve heard of India’s “laughter yoga,” but have never actually seen it before, in action.

I figure this stuff has got to be therapeutic – but, if nothing else, it looks like great fun:

I’m especially intrigued by the observation that it doesn’t seem to matter whether the laughter is forced or natural: the therapeutic benefit is the same.

Of course, as the doctor points out in the video, even if participants are forcing their laughter at first, after a few moments of looking at all those goofy faces, only a rock could keep from laughing in response.

Maybe laughter really is the best medicine.


Ronni Gordon said...

Thanks for this. I laughed a little and will forward your post to my yoga teacher.
Ha Ha Ha

Julie Orvis Marcinkiewicz said...

I was particular impress by the work in the prison. Maybe is we got our prison inmates laughing (and the gaurds too) we have some true rehabilitation.