Wednesday, January 06, 2010

January 6, 2010 - Watching and Waiting, a Little Slower

It’s been a busy holiday season, so I haven’t had much time for keeping up the ol’ blog. Today, though, I saw Dr. Lerner, after having had a CT scan several weeks ago, so there’s a little something to report.

Earlier, I’d received news by phone from the doctor’s office that the scan result was good – no appreciable increase in size. Today, Dr. Lerner confirmed that, and said the remains of the abdominal mass had actually gotten a little smaller – although he was quick to add that this is probably a testing anomaly, the result of the scan segment being “cut through” a narrower part of the tumor.

He did say that, since things have been stable for so long, I could probably wait a little longer between scans next time. So, he’s asked me to come back and see him three months from now. If all is well, and I’m not reporting any problems, he’ll then order a scan to take place just before the next 3-month appointment. In other words, we’ll be shifting to having a scan every other three-month appointment, rather than every one.

I take this as good news, of course. My disease is “stable.” I’m all for that.

I was standing in line afterwards, waiting at the window to schedule my next appointment. Under my arm was my patient folder – or, at least, the most recent one. It was pretty thick: 3 or 4 inches.

Looking around the office, I realized all the other files I saw weren’t nearly as thick. I’m getting to be a real veteran of this stuff. Who would have thought it, four years ago, when I was just beginning my chemotherapy?

A lot has happened in that time. There’s been a lot that hasn’t happened, as well – things I feared might have.

A happy, healthy 2010 to all of you!


Anonymous said...

kafewww that's a relief :)


Vance said...

Good news, Carl! I hope 2010 continues to deliver these kinds of messages for you.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD said...

Terrific way to begin the new year. Happy for you. With hope, Wendy

Ronni Gordon said...

I've noticed that I have a very thick folder too!

Glad you got good news. Here's to a great 2010.

Carl said...

Thanks for the good wishes, all.

And, to Ronni - yes, you and I both know that a thick folder is a very good thing. A mark of survivorship!

Grace and peace.