Saturday, April 08, 2006

April 7, 2006 - Lymphomathon Planning

This morning I go over to the G. Harold Antrim Elementary School, to meet with Tom, the principal, and Dana – both of whom are members of our church. Our purpose is to do some planning for the Lymphomathon – the 5K fund-raising walk to benefit the Lymphoma Research Foundation – to be held on Sunday evening, April 30th at 6:30 p.m., rain or shine, at the Antrim School track.

I mentioned this project in my March 28th blog posting. It was Dana’s idea; she works for Genentech (the pharmaceutical company that produces Rituxan), and is more aware than most people of the need for further research in pursuit of a lymphoma cure. Tom responded enthusiastically to the suggestion – and, as it turns out, is going to do far more than simply let us use the school track and concession stand. He’s planning to send sponsor sheets home with all the children in the school, and will even offer prizes as incentives to the K-8 child who raises the most money and to the Antrim School class that has the most participants.

Dana is planning to arrange for glow-sticks for the walkers to carry, and is thinking of doing something interesting with luminaria in the grassy area inside the track – for dramatic effect at that evening hour.

The walk is for all ages, of course – not just children and youth – but between our church youth group and the schoolchildren, there should be a critical mass of walkers that will make it a success. I’m hoping we’ll have some adult walkers as well. We’ve made plans to send an article to the local newspaper, and will also promote it through the church. We’re hoping someone from the local high school will get behind this, and promote it there as well.

After fifteen years in Point Pleasant Beach, I suppose a lot of people do know me. Even in this increasingly secular society, pastors continue to exercise a public role in the community. If my illness can serve as a catalyst for raising some money for lymphoma research, that’s a good thing. I’m pleased to be a part of it, and feel gratified that friends like Tom and Dana care enough to get this sort of event organized.

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Anonymous said...

Carl, If any additional organizational help is needed, someone may want to contact the American Cancer Society - as this event is very close to something they do called the Relay For Life - which is a 24 hour walking event that we have been involved in through our kids for a couple of years now. They have lots of info and a good organization behind it, and I would think would be open to sharing some of it with you and your group since is does fall under the cancer umbrella.
Bob Richardson