Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012 - MyCancerCircle.com

There are a great number of helpful websites offering support for those dealing with cancer and their families, but one of the most helpful I've seen is a new site, My Cancer Circle. Cancer patients and/or their caregivers can arrange for a complimentary web page, which gives them a central place from which to disseminate news, coordinate support (such as meals delivery) from family members and friends, etc. It's got calendars, blogging tools and other features to provide a central place for getting the word out and coordinating the efforts of various folks who are trying to help.

It looks to me like the marriage of a project-planning team's intranet site and a cancer blog.  Great concept.

If you set up a circle, it's private. Members have to be invited in order to get a login and password.

I've seen other sites that attempt to do something like this, but this one looks like the most full-featured I've seen so far.

Check it out!

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