Wednesday, May 02, 2012

May 2, 2012 - Are You Running for Me?

A few months ago, our friend Thelma – also a cancer survivor – told me of a local organization called Kick Cancer Overboard, that has an unusual mission: offering free cruises to cancer survivors and their families.  Thelma told us she’s going on one of those cruises, in this case to Bermuda.  About a hundred other survivors and family members would be joining her.  What’s more, she wanted to recommend my name as well.

“OK, why not?” I said to her, not thinking it would amount to anything.

Well, come to find out, Kick Cancer Overboard is offering a place on the same cruise to Claire and me.

Not only that, a friend of Thelma’s by the name of Ginny is running in a half-marathon this weekend, and is doing so to raise money for Kick Cancer Overboard in my name.

Our cruise tickets are already paid-for by other donors, so – strictly speaking – Ginny’s not raising money so we can go. It is true, though, that the money she raises will replenish the organization’s coffers, allowing others to take advantage of the organization’s kindness in the future.

Ginny’s set a goal of $2,000 in pledges.  Already, Thelma tells me, $600 in gifts have come in.  Never before have I asked readers of this blog to make any financial contribution, but in this case I’d like to extend the opportunity to honor Ginny’s efforts this Saturday and support Kick Cancer Overboard.  If you like what I’ve written here over the years, it would warm my heart if you’d be willing to make a gift – small or large, it doesn’t matter – to allow other survivors to get a little respite from what they’re going through.

There’s a special web page devoted to Ginny’s efforts, where you can make your gift.

I realize that, in the great constellation of efforts out there to support and heal those with cancer, giving away cruises may seem trivial and even a little wacky.  Yet, having been through the cancer experience twice now – first lymphoma, then thyroid cancer – I know very well how unrelenting this all can be.  Taking a little break, a little sabbath, in the midst of it all, can be therapeutic in itself.

I’d love to see Ginny reach her goal, and am honored she’s doing it in my name, a person she’s never met.

At the end of the day, there’s still a lot of kindness in this world.  Why not perform a random act of kindness and make a contribution to extend some kindness to another cancer survivor, who can enjoy this sort of break in the future?

Thanks for even considering it!

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