Saturday, October 09, 2010

October 9, 2010 - Comic Relief from The Onion

OK, this one's a bit out of the ordinary for my blog, but I can't resist posting a link to this "news" story from The Onion, the internet satirical newspaper. It's called "Teen With Cancer Vows It Won't Keep Her From Being Mean, Moody Little S**t."

(Sorry for the profanity, both in the headline and in the article, but you'll see how it makes literary sense in this case.)

The article gave me a good chuckle, but it also points out how we who have cancer are who we are. The disease strikes randomly, without regard to personal virtue (or lack thereof).

It's also a sly send-up of all the adulatory talk that goes on about people with cancer. When you get the disease, you find that people are a little more inclined than usual to say complimentary things about you.

Was anyone ever lauded for approaching their so-called "battle" with cancer like a total weenie? I'm sure many have taken precisely that approach. But they never say anything about that when they're hanging the medal around your neck at the Relay For Life.

Don't get me wrong. Cancer can be transformative. I believe it has been in my case, and mostly for the better (although - true confessions time - four and a half years later, I could stand to ditch the procrastinating, devil-may-care approach to personal financial management that I fell into during my chemo-treatment days).

For all the times we survivors may joke about "playing the cancer card," the diagnosis doesn't give us a free pass for treating others with disrespect.

I suppose the experience of dealing with cancer does lead some of us to rethink, maybe even reform, our lives. Others, maybe less so.

Are we somehow obliged to approach our disease like the opportunity for transformation it just may turn out to be? I don't think so. It's an individual thing.

We all do well to try to avoid judging others in that regard. Those who want to take the weenie approach have every right to do so. And they probably still deserve a medal around their neck.

Deep down, I'm enough of a Calvinist to believe that we're all sinners, and that chemo and radiation have little effect on that particular malady.

That cure lies elsewhere.

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