Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010 - Cancer Concern Center Article

An article in today’s Asbury Park Press has some nice things to say about the Cancer Concern Center, a local organization that provided help to me at one of my lowest points, as my chemotherapy was coming to an end.

Until that time, I’d been toughing it out, turning to no one other than God and my family for support. The night I ventured down the street, to the rented commercial office space where the Cancer Concern Center support groups hold their meetings, was a revelation.

I felt less alone in what I was experiencing. Others had been there, too, and were more than willing to offer support and advice. There was concern – as promised in the organization’s name – but also friendship and even laughter.

From the article:

“The Cancer Concern Center, now in its 13th year, provides weekly support meetings, meditation and yoga classes, massage and Reiki therapy, nutritional workshops and new wigs to local residents. All the work is done by a volunteer staff, and all donations go to client programs.

‘Everything we do here revolves around the women and men who have the courage to walk through our front door,’ said Lisa Montalbano, volunteer office manager at the Cancer Concern Center. ‘We keep cancer survivors from slipping through the cracks of depression and despair.’”

So true.

There are other support-group providers with a national profile, like The Wellness Community, that have meant a lot to me as well. This is a local, home-grown organization. Here in Point Pleasant Beach, we're proud of what they do.

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