Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28, 2009 - Passing the 500 Milestone

Yesterday, as I posted my most recent blog entry, I passed a milestone. It was my 500th blog entry.

It’s hard to believe. In the 4 years or so since I’ve been writing this blog, chronicling my experience as a cancer survivor, I’ve somehow found that much to say.

Early on, the blog was all about giving a blow-by-blow account of my medical treatments. Later, as I went into, then out of, remission, then entered the extended period of watchful waiting I’m presently in, I’ve had less to share about my medical condition. That’s a good thing, because no news is good news. I’ve naturally moved over into commenting on some other topics I now look on differently because I’m a cancer survivor – particularly the healthcare-funding debate in this country, and general survivorship issues.

I’d like to thank you, my readers, for hanging in there with me through all this. I plan to continue posting here as long as folks are finding the blog helpful to their own life journeys. Please do use the “Comments” feature to let me know what you’re thinking about my postings. I’m still getting 50-60 visitors a day, so I figure I must still be addressing some real needs.

Grace and peace and life abundant to all.



Susan C said...

Thanks for 500 informative and insightful posts.

Anonymous said...

I check regularly for new posts. Thanks for such thoughtful and thought provoking writing, links and images.


Ronni Gordon said...

Congratulations on your milestone. Keep 'em coming. Your posts are helpful, inspirational and informative. Love your images, too.

Julie Orvis Marcinkiewicz said...

Wow! 500 that's great. I always find my thoughts provoked by your posts!

Daria said...


Anonymous said...

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Iowa Guy said...

From one who has some parallel experiences: Diverse large cell in late 2004 (RCHOP)and follicular Easter week in 2007 (Rituxan only--so far--and so far, successful).
Your posts and links are definitely helpful to me, and to several friends who have joined the "follicular fold" within the last year.
Keep 'em coming, and "Thanks!"