Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009 - The Gloves Are Off

Today, following a Facebook link, I come across this video of the President speaking on health care reform. The gloves are off. “No drama” Obama is stepping up at last, to identify the heart of the problem with our health-care funding system. It’s the insurance companies:

The insurance companies are richer than rich. They’re powerful. They channel huge amounts of lobbying money and campaign contributions to Capitol Hill.

There’s one thing they can’t change or influence, though. As the President says in this message, a large majority of the American people is in favor of change, and elected him in order to bring it about.

The coming weeks and months will tell whether America is still a democracy, or whether it has become a plutocracy – a system in which money talks so loudly that even our democratically-elected representatives dance to its command.

Keep at it, Mr. President. A great many of us out here are behind you all the way.

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Lloyd R. Johnson said...

Hi Carl, this is Lloyd from CREDO. My take on the Health Care debate. Life Insurance Companies forcasted the death of the insurance industry with the introduction of Social Security back in the 1930s. It didn't happen. Medicare actually helped the insurance industry make more money. The public option will do the same. Insurance companies will do very well and get bigger and better with a public option. I was in the insurance business (sales) for over 30 years. My former sales associates (insurance agents and brokers) will be licking their chops if we get the public option. ~ Elder Lloyd R. Johnson