Thursday, April 02, 2009

April 2, 2009 - Healthcare Reform Petition

Remember this guy?

The “Dean Scream,” marking the meltdown of Howard Dean’s insurgent presidential candidacy, was one of the more memorable moments in modern presidential politics. Dean has been hard at work ever since, as national leader of the Democratic Party. Now, he’s turning his efforts to work with President Obama on addressing health-care reform.

He’s looking for signatures on a petition he plans to bring to Congress, asking for a public health-insurance option. While it may not turn out to be universal health care (which I, personally, am convinced is the only way for our nation to go), the Obama plan would at least require everyone to have insurance.

A publicly-provided insurance option will likely be a cornerstone of that plan. The insurance industry is marshaling their substantial political and financial clout to try to block any such option that could compete with the products they offer.

Since private insurance has failed so abysmally, for so long, to provide affordable medical insurance options for Americans, I think we, the voters need to stand up to them and say, “Enough!”

Won’t you sign the petition?

We won’t see Howard Dean screaming about this. He’s been speaking more softly in recent years. Sign the petition, and you’ll give him (along with President Obama) Teddy Roosevelt's proverbial big stick as well.

I’m Carl Wilton, and I approved this message.

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