Friday, October 03, 2008

October 3, 2008 - Register to Vote (public service announcement)

OK, it's off-topic for this blog, but what could be more important?

(Warning: Gratuitious profane language ahead. But, hey, the cause is important, and these are comics and actors, so what do you expect?)

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled blogging...


Bryce said...

So tell me, a foreigner, why do people have to register, ie aren't they already counted? Here in Canada if you're not on the voters list means you've never filed an income tax (information about you is lifted from that for the voters lists) and
we also don't require you to register in support of a specific party. We're more British than American in our outlook.

Ronni Gordon said...

This is interesting. I'm sharing it with my 16-year-old. I left you a comment two posts down.

Carl said...


Well, you Canadians have it all over us when it comes to health insurance, and I guess you have a more efficient system for voter registration too. Makes good sense.