Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 1, 2006 - Renewal

Today, going through some mail, I come across a subscription-renewal notice for a preaching journal. It offers me three options: a one-year, a two-year or a three-year subscription. The longer the subscription period, the cheaper the per-issue cost.

Looking over that notice takes me back to a time, about six months ago, when I was considering a similar subscription-renewal notice, for another professional journal. I distinctly remember hesitating, at the time, at the thought of the three-year renewal. I’ve got cancer, I said to myself. I’m receiving chemotherapy. Sure, the doctor says my chances of going into remission are pretty good, but what if I’m in the unlucky percentage? Can I be sure I’ll still be alive, three years from now? I wrote a check for a one-year subscription.

Now, as I hold today’s renewal notice in my hand, I feel differently. I’m in remission. The next three years look brighter, clearer.

I check the box for “three-year subscription,” and write a check for the necessary amount.

As I lick the stamp, it feels like a victory.

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