Wednesday, January 11, 2006

January 11, 2006 - A Prayer Bear

During the children’s sermon in last Sunday’s worship service, I showed the children a special gift I had received in the mail a few days before: a stuffed animal called Sheena the Prayer Bear. The bear had been sent to me by the first-grade Sunday School class of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey. Kathy, a friend and former student of mine, is director of Christian education at that church. She suggested my name as someone for whom the first-graders could pray.

This Prayer Bear project is a way of teaching the children about prayer. The children actually made these stuffed animals (with some adult assistance, no doubt), and are sending them out to people around the world for whom they’re praying.

Today, Kathy sends me an e-mail link to the portion of the church’s website that describes Sheena’s "assignment." Kathy had suggested I send a photo of myself with the prayer bear, so I decided to send her two: one of me, and another that was taken during the children’s sermon at our church. These photos are now on the Westfield church’s website, along with the text of the e-mail I sent to the first-graders in response.

It’s a touching way to be remembered – and another reminder of the power of prayer. I keep hearing about how many people are praying for me, in so many different places. There’s something about the ordeal of cancer that makes one feel very alone at times, and this sort of thing truly helps.

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